Postpartum Reading Recommendation


During postpartum we continue to accept change. Our life has completely changed as we welcome baby or babies to our family. This transition is not easy, it's not always blissful. Here are a few websites with some helpful resources to support you on this journey.

Ritual Care with Kelly Newsome Georges’ Free PPD 101 Course. This free course offers clear, informative, and easy to use tools, that de-stygmitize mental and emotional health issues.

CORECARE is another incredibly helpful resource for moms with little ones.  It's an online-guided program that teaches you how to take better care of yourself as you take care of everyone else.  You matter, mama.  Self-care is not selfish.  Post Partum Progress raises awareness, fights stigma and provides peer support and programming to women with maternal mental illness.

Posting this again, just in case you missed it in the prenatal section: Earth Mama has a Lying-In Plan helping you prepare for this precious time as you heal and bond with your newborn.  They also have some divine postpartum products to support you in this new season of life,

Birth Without Fear also shares some beautiful blog posts helping mamas across the globe navigate postpartum. 

Exercise can help with postpartum depression and anxiety. My Postnatal Yoga DVD can help with some of these symptoms. 

Reach out to family, friends or your health care professionals often. You're not meant to be on this journey alone.  We're in this together. 


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