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So many questions, so much to Google... That's why we exist! Balancing Twins Membership offers a space to share and receive support from twin pregnancy, through twin birth, breastfeeding twins and those first few years of twin motherhood. It's a lot, but we're here to save you time, energy and emotional currency.

Join Amy and Sheba, your twin-mom guides. With our personal experience and professional expertise, we're an invaluable resource for this wild and messy ride of twin motherhood.

We've been there and struggled ourselves. That's why we're so passionate about creating Community as the foundation for twin-motherhood when we need support the most!  


Join Balancing Twins Membership today! We've been waiting for you, mama

Wanna gift a Mama a membership?  Simply click which plan and input the giftee's information. Once ''submit" button is clicked, just enter your information for the payment section.  An introductory email will then be sent to the giftee, so be sure and let them know to look out for that email. (They may have to check their Junk Mail Folder) So thoughtful of you! The twin mama receiving this will 'thank you' for years to come.

What's Included with My Membership

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What's Included with my Membership:

  • Weekly check-in Zoom calls. Our favorite feature of the membership!
    • Topics may range from: emotional support (#DoubleTheHormones), physical support with exercises/stretches to ease discomfort, birth plan discussion, preparing for newborn twins, lactation support for breastfeeding twins and any other areas that we can help you feel more at ease.
  • Q&A with personalized responses from Amy and Sheba recorded and collected in our video content library. 
  • Free download of Amy’s “Breastfeeding Twins Guide” E-book.
  • Individual access to Amy’s online library of Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga videos.
  • Live interviews with twin birth, pregnancy and postpartum experts.
  • An intimate community of fellow twin moms to share and receive support, i.e.: your cheerleaders and bff’s!
  • Your guides along the way: 

*The value that is included in your membership of all combined services is well over $2000 of value per month... That is over $24,000 annually!  We are excited to include these benefits in a membership offering at such an affordable cost to our members.  Please keep in mind this is introductory pricing and is subject to change at any time.

Connect with Amy

Connect with Amy

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Sign Up to be a Part of My Community!