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Friday, 09 October 2015

I've given in to the fact that the temperatures are dropping.  I absolutely love fall, but was a little reluctant to dive into all things autumn this year.  Last winter was brutal and I would like a few more weeks of sunshine and beach time.  But, the seasons move forward, so I'll go with the flow. 

Fresh apples are one of my favorite treats this time of year!  Our CSA has been delivering these juicy babies in our crate the past few weeks.  The thing I love about organic, local apples are the "blemishes."  I do not want my apples, polished and shiny.  I love the spots, the dull skin, little bumps and lumps that do not pass "grocery store inspection."  In the picture I've posted, you'll see one of our apples actually has brown skin.  This is a pumpkin russet apple.  It's great to receive manzanas in their raw and natural form.  

In our household, we've been enjoying an apple a day.  Eat the skin to receive added fiber and vitamin C.  These babies are heart healthy too.  If you can't buy organic, be sure to thoroughly wash and rub the apple under running water to rinse off any pesticide residue. 

When the air cools off outside, it's always nice to turn on the oven and bake.  

Chunky Pear and Applesauce Muffins from A Spicy Perspective are a favorite in my recipe book.  I've made them with apples instead of pears.  I also do 1C whole wheat flour and 1C all purpose flour (instead of the recommended 2C all purpose flour.)  These are also fantastic to freeze and enjoy later!

My grandmother used to make her own applesauce and I now enjoy making it for my kids.  It's healthy and SO easy!  Pioneer Woman shares some wonderful suggestions.  I prefer to leave the peels on, especially if you choose to blend the applesauce smooth.  If you leave it chunky, you might want to give a quick peel to the apples.  I also recommend only using water and no sweetners.  You'll be pleasantly surprised at how sweet your homemade applesauce turns out.  Plus, it makes the house smell AMAZING!

~ If you make your own applesauce, you can use that in your muffins!  Major treat, and you'll feel super fancy.  At least I do, haha! 

A new recipe I just discovered from the October Food Network magazine is Spiced Chicken with Apples.  This was a delicious way to blend savory and sweet... and to use up more of those apples from the farm.  I made quinoa to pair with this dish. Thankfully, my daughter loves quinoa.  It's loaded with protein, fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc. It's so versatile and easy to make!  I'll share a quinoa blog at another date for sure! 

Lastly, I must recommend that you make a crisp.  For me, it's just not fall unless I make a sweet, gooey apple crisp.  I absolutely love Smitten Kitchen, so here is their Breakfast Apple Granola Crisp!  Because it says "breakfast" you don't have to feel guilty for eating your dessert first thing in the morning ;)  (After that glass of water, of course.)  I could imagine my mom and the other tea drinkers in my family eating this with Harney & Son's Cinnamon Spice Tea

Since the calendar says October, I'll accept the change of season and turn of the leaves.  Let's take in a deep breath of crisp fall air together.  Get out and pick some apples with your kiddos.  Let them see where America's favorite fruit comes from. 

Please let me know if you make any of these tasty treats!   Enjoy warming up your home with apple love....

Happy eating!


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