What I'm cooking and baking this Thanksgiving

Sunday, 22 November 2015

My kitchen smells so good right now, I had to sit down and share what I've just baked up.  I wish I could share the treats with all of you...  Join me on our Thanksgiving morning run if you can!

I am hosting friends, family and some neighbors for a fun 1 or 3 mile run/walk Thanksgiving morning.  We will head out from our house and loop through the neighborhood.  A perfect start to the day and it won't involve the crowds of folks that will be participating in our local and large Turkey Trot.  While that's fun and all, I enjoy our smaller scale event where I can share a good workout and also yummy treats with everyone!

I truly love cooking and baking for people.  There is something wonderful about creating tasty and healthy food that you can share with others and receive their enjoyment as well. 

I've begun prepping the baked goods for our Neighborhood Trot.  Once cooled, I plan to wrap and freeze them so they'll taste freshly baked that morning. 

Here's what I've got in the works...

  • My fitness buddy and friend, Helen, at Professional Nutrition Consulting has a delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Oat Cookie recipe.  I've made these for road trips before and they're the perfect tasty and healthy treat!
  • Smitten Kitchen has my favorite, tried and true, "Jacked Up" banana bread.  I can not stray from this recipe, it's SO good and easy!  I don't add the bourbon, but if you're feeling it, go to town!
  • I'm trying a new recipe from SK this week too.  The Date Breakfast Squares were featured on their homepage and they seemed too yummy to pass up.  They were also easy to make and the orange zest simmering with the dates made the kitchen smell incredible!  I can't wait to try a sample before wrapping them up!
  • With these baked goods, fresh fruit and coffee, we'll have some happy runners finishing our race.


We are not hosting Thanksgiving dinner, so I'll just be bringing a side dish + wine (duh.) Food Network Magazine had this really yummy looking recipe for Green Beans with Garlic and Rosemary.  Mmmmm, they had me at GARLIC.  Plus homemade breadcrumbs with rosemary, this dish sounds delish.  Each year I usually browse new recipes.  I'm excited to cook up this variation of standard green beans this year. 

I don't really have any traditional family recipes that have been passed down.  We do the standard stuffing, mashed potatoes and assorted veggie dishes.  One item that has made repeat appearances the past few years are these Smoked Chile Scalloped Sweet Potatoes from Bobby Flay.  They have been a fun twist on sweet potatoes with a nice bit of heat.  These are delicious as leftovers too!

What wine will we bring, you ask?  We'll begin with a Viognier as we're gathering and visiting.  Then will open a Pinot Noir to enjoy with our meal.  Viognier is currently my favorite white, it is a medium-full bodied, dry white wine. If you like Sauvignon Blanc, I'd encourage you to try a Viognier.  I think you'll dig it too.  Pinot Noir tends to have a lighter body and is very versatile so you can enjoy this red wine with turkey.  I've heard wine experts say this, so I'll share as well, "If it's good, and you like to drink it, then drink it."  No need to worry about what wine pairs perfectly with what food.  Drink what you like and enjoy your home cooked goodies, laughter and memories made this Thanksgiving. 

What are your favorite recipes and dishes to prepare for your Thanksgiving feast?  Will you be cooking or baking any new recipes this year?  Please share in the comments below, I'd love to hear!

I wish you a warm kitchen filled with lovely smells, bellies full of love and hearts full of memories made on this holiday of gratitude. 


Cheers from me to you!


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