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Monday, 28 March 2016

"So, I've got some news."  This is what the ultrasond tech tells me when I'm in the office for a sono to determine how many weeks I am in my pregnancy.  We didn't know how far along we were since we had a miscarriage just before this pregnancy.  The early sonogram was able to tell me that I was 7 weeks along.

But first, the tech tells me this sentence.  "So, I've got some news."  She was only about 30 seconds into the ultrasound and she says this.  I'm a very kind and sweet person, but the response that came out of my mouth was far from the typical, nice Amy.  I said "What" in a tone that even surprised myself once I heard it.  But I had a feeling I needed to brace myself for this news she was about to share. 

Then our sweet technician says, "There are TWO babies in there." 

She pauses and waits for me to have my moment. 

I think many pregnant women might keep this thought in the back of their minds, "I wonder if I'll have twins?" (or, maybe I'm the only one!)  There was a small part of me that thought this for each pregnancy.  I really did not think it would actually happen though.  Just a curiosity of what it might be like to experience this miracle of two babies. 

When I heard our news, I immediately thought of my sister.  Many of you who follow my blog have read the story of my sister and her twins.  She is the only other person in our family to have twins.  It was really shocking to hear that I was also going to experience this now.  I wonder if it's beginning with our generation?

I was taken aback by this news revealed by our ultrasound tech.  After thinking of my sister first and how difficult this will be to share with her (she's still, understandably, processing the loss in her own way) I thought, "Oh, boy, my husband is going to flip!" 

After we had our daughter, our second child, I felt that there was room for one more.  My husband was feeling content with 2 babes.  We had gotten into our groove with the kiddos, and we felt we had a fairly good grasp on this juggling act of parenthood.  Plus, everyone was sleeping through the night, finally!  Why would we want to mess with this again?!  I still felt in my heart that another sweet little soul was meant to join our family.   After a good amount of discussion and agreement on both sides, we decided to try for one more.  Welp, guess there was a bigger plan in the works. 

It's funny when you have a nice, simple plan, then life throws a surprise in your face.  "Boom!  Here ya go!"  But I've always trusted and fully believed, no matter what it is, you can make it through.  Sometimes our surprises are amazing blessings.  Other times, the event or person that throws you WAY off balance is a blessing in disguise.  As much as we "plan" we really can't plan for the future.  We've got today and I'm doing my best to process this news of our little life changers and remain in the moment.  Today. 

This picture was one that we shared on my private facebook page saying that the kiddos are practicing baby wearing their dollies.  We're going to need all the help we can get!  

It has been so much fun and pretty hilarious sharing this news with our family and friends.  There have been plenty of "No way!!"  "Are you serious?!"  "OMG!" and "What?!"  Squeals of "AHHHHH!!!"  "OH!!!!" and "TWO?!?!  TWO?!?!" Then there has been the response of laughter, or expletives.  It has been so funny watching and reading everyone's reactions. 

We've received the most amazing messages of love, support and encouragement.  We've got an incredible village around us and I intend to rely on that support.  This mama does not plan to tackle this alone. 

As I do my best to remain present with this pregnancy, I look forward to sharing more of our journey with you.  I'll have plenty of anticipation, worry and a whole lot of love to share.  I hope you continue to join me for the ride.

Besides staying connected to my facebook, instagram and twitter pages, you can follow my journey on Earth Mama Angel Baby's social media.  I've been chosen to join their Mama's Bump Squad!  You can check out myself and all the other mamas here.  I get to try their organic and herb based products during my pregnancy and share my experience.  I already have a favorite, their organic Morning Wellness Tea.  AH-mazing for nauseua in the first trimester!  I can not believe I hadn't tried this in my previous pregnancies.  I feel beyond blessed to be a part of such a fantastic community of women and mothers supporting each other. 

So, here we go friends.  It's going to be a wildly beautiful ride.  Send me and these babes good thoughts and we'll keep trucking along over here....  Oh, we expect these little miracles to arrive early October.  But, ya know, babies arrive when they're ready. <3

Love and big time gratitude,


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