Living for today. In memory of Crystal Betterton.

Monday, 18 June 2018

We met on November 6, 2015. I was thrilled and relieved that you agreed to participate in the filming of my latest yoga DVD.  I wanted to create a postpartum yoga video and you willingly joined my tribe after only corresponding over email through the agency I work with. From the moment you walked through the door, I knew we were supposed to meet.  Your smile was bright and your heart was open to help me create this project. 

Crystal, you were not only a disciplined yogi who could easily follow the flow of the class I mapped out, you were a mother.  You understood what the intention behind this project meant.  You experienced your own postpartum journey with your daughter and felt the heart and soul behind this postnatal yoga dvd. 

I am forever grateful and humbled to have met you.  I know, without a doubt, our paths were meant to cross. When we put out the “call” to cast two mama’s for this shoot, you were meant to be a part of it. Thank you for saying “Yes” and believing in this project as much as I did.  Thank you for all of your words of encouragement and enthusiasm along the way.  I’ll miss chatting with you. I’ll miss the Master Tonics you concoct to help me battle cold and flu season.  I’ll miss seeing your bright, smiling face pop up on my Instagram feed as you share life’s most precious moments with your children. 

Crystal, while it makes my heart ache to think of this loss, I know the life you lived will continue to radiate love.  Your light will continue to shine brightly for each mama that gets the chance to watch this video and practice yoga alongside you. I know, without a doubt, your legacy of kindness, joy, and love will support so many mama’s along their journey. 

Please know your family and friends carry you in our hearts as we watch for little symbols of your colorful spirit. A field of wildflowers, a rainbow captured in the windowpane, the butterfly that just floated into view to say “hello”, the feather on the ground that stops us in our tracks.

These will be reminders for me to pause, breathe and live for today. 


To support Crystal's two children, a GoFundMe page has been set up to contribute to their education. After making a personal contribution, I’ve also decided to donate 50% of the proceeds for the month of June, from all of my yoga DVD’s.

Crystal was a mother who supported and celebrated all people, especially mothers. To continue to support this inspiring mother, please consider donating to benefit her children

My friend, I trust that your light still shines. My heart feels heavy, but I breathe deeply with the gift of friendship and hope you’ve given me. 

I love you and miss you. Rest in love and light, my friend.

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