What I say when my toddler twins frantically run to the bathroom.

Friday, 18 September 2020

I see the wiggle, the dancing in place, the indecisive, "should I go now or keep playing with this super-cool dinosaur? I should totally stay and play."


Mom's quickly pick up on these cues and no matter how many times we offer, the kid will still choose to play instead of taking a few minutes to use the toilet.


Then, like clock-work, they're frantically running to the bathroom, trying to take care of business before the business happens in their pants and on the floor (again). 


As many times as I encourage them to get to the potty sooner, I remind them of something more important: "You have plenty of time. Let's try a few slow breaths." 


I've said this phrase more times than I can think of. I calmly follow their spazzoid-selves to the bathroom and gently repeat: "You have plenty of time. Watch me, I'll take some deep breaths with you." 


After awhile, it starts to click. They watch me, breathe with me and learn this invaluable skill.

Our breath is a tool to help calm our mind. Our breath can help us shift from a negative reaction to a mindful response. 

Any parent knows that our children mimic our words and behaviors. We have the great power of creating positive shifts within ourselves and the next generation by modeling this behavior. Practice it over and over and over again. It's not a one-time-fix, but a lifelong practice.


Try it the next time you're:

  • running late
  • feeling overwhelmed while trying ot accomplish all the things
  • needing your kids to hurry up
  • about to pee your pants (ha!) 

"I have plenty of time. Right now, I can breathe in and breathe out."  Repeat until you feel a bit more centered, focused and calm. Then, carry on, my SuperHeroes!


You've got this, friend! I'm cheering you and your kiddos on!


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