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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

“You’ve got your hands full!” - say about 90% of people who come across a twin mama.

*forces a smile and replies “Yep! Want to grab this bag for me, please?”

I’m hopeful that more people will stop staring at moms of multiples in shock and start saying, “Wow, you’re amazing! How can I help you out right now?”

We’ll keep working on that. For now, let’s chat how to really get some help: Baby Carriers!

I found this essential with two babies! Often one baby needed more comfort than the other. Or, a quick power-snooze in the carrier. Plus, hands-free!

I have worn many a fussy baby, turned on the vacuum and they’re settled or asleep in 2.2 seconds! It’s kind of magical. Give it a try!

It was my personal preference to wait until my twins were about 1 month old. I wanted them to have a little more head control. Each carrier varies, but most companies say you can begin wearing them once the baby is 7 lbs. Many twins are born smaller, so this will be something to carefully note for each unique baby.



  • Cognitive and emotional development
  • Enhanced visual and auditory alertness
  • Bonding between baby and caregiver
  • Soothing for baby
  • May help lessen risk of postpartum depression
  • Can help prevent flat head syndrome and can promote digestion (helping with colic and reflux)
  • Hands-free for walking, playing with older siblings, grocery shopping, cooking (safely).
  • Discreet breastfeeding. Easy access helps to maintain milk supply.
  • Helps you and your twins travel “easier”


Baby Wearing Newborn Twins:

I generally only wore my twins individually. This felt simpler to me and allowed my husband to help while deepening their bond. Baby wearing is probably one of my favorite things about snuggly newborns. Their warm, cozy bodies, safe and secure against yours. Ahh, it’s a little slice of heaven.

One of the simplest ways I wore my newborn twins individually was the Lalabu Soothe Shirt. It’s only good for babies 7-15 lbs, but the pocket you slide them into couldn’t be easier. Plus, the shirt is breastfeeding accessible. I should have sized up, but otherwise, I loved this shirt/carrier!

I explored the Moby Wrap with the “Twin Cradle Carry” a few times. It takes a good deal of practice but can help you carry two tiny babies at once. I still kept a hand to always support them. The twins seemed to enjoy it once they were wrapped and easily fell asleep.

Another carrier for newborn twins is the Weego Twin Baby Carrier. I have not tried this one, but it is designed to work for twins starting at 4 lbs.

The Wild Bird Ring Sling was my favorite and quickest way to carry one baby for longer periods of time. This carrier also grew with them really well! Good from newborn to 35 lbs. I’ve heard of some mamas making or just combining two slings to carry their twins once they were older for the hip carry.


Carrying older twins:

When my twins were older and their hips could accommodate the proper rotation, (around 4-6 months) I wore them in the Ergo Baby carrier. I used two of these [front and back carry]. I love how the Ergo Baby carriers support my low back and the padded shoulder straps were very comfortable. First, I would put one twin in the back-carry position, then I’d put the second twin in front-carry, and off we’d go! There are many new options for Ergo Baby, including newborn inserts, but I’m still a fan of the Original.

Similar to the Ergo arrangement I created, the TwinGo carrier provides this same setup. You can also detach the two and wear your twins separately.  I’ve never tried this carrier, but have heard great things about it.


Baby Wearing Safety:

With all of that baby wearing goodness, I must close with safety reminders. I liked this list from Healthline Parenthood.

  • T: Tight. Baby should be upright and tight enough in a carrier that they’re held safely against whoever is wearing them. 
  • I: In view at all times. Baby’s face should be visible to you so you can monitor their breathing. You can also keep a better eye on your baby’s mood if you can see them.
  • C: Close enough to kiss. Can you lower your head and kiss the top of your baby’s head? If not, you should reposition them in the carrier until they’re high enough to kiss with little effort.
  • K: Keep chin off chest. Look at your baby to ensure there’s a gap of about two fingers wide under their chin. If they’re in a good upright position with their spine curved and legs squatting, it’s less likely that their chin will drop.
  • S: Supported back. While you want your baby to be secure, resist over-tightening the carrier over their back. You should have your carrier tight enough that there’s no gap between your baby and your body, but loose enough that you can slide your hand into the carrier.


Here’s to creating a little more simplicity in our crazy-a$$ twin-mom-life. Yes, you've got your hands full, but yes, your heart is fuller!

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