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Monday, 12 May 2014

Thank You!

First and foremost, a huge "Thank You!" to those of you who have browsed my website, "liked" my facebook page, subscribed to my YouTube channel or watched my children while my team and I got everything up and running!  It takes a village, and you are a part of it, so thank you!

It has been an exciting beginning here at Exercising Balance.  I've been fortunate to share some of my top tips for pregnant moms with many websites, blogs and TV stations.  Recently, I spoke with the editors of WE Magazine for Women and they asked me what one piece of advice I would offer pregnant women who are thinking about practicing yoga.  That was an easy one... to follow their intuition.  Whether they practice yoga, run, swim or dance throughout their pregnancy, it is of utmost importance that they listen to their bodies and trust their intuition.  Here is a little snippet of the article...

Yoga is not just about gaining strength and flexibility, and finding calm in moments of stress; it also helps slow down our busy lives. And, prenatal yoga is a very safe form of exercise. Executed with the use of props to support the pregnant woman as baby grows, the mother can maintain the standard yoga poses but in a modified way. Prenatal yoga also teaches the powerful connection of breath and movement, encouraging the woman to let go of tension trigger points in her body. All of these elements combine to cultivate a deeper understanding of how the woman’s body moves and what she can do to relax in an uncomfortable situation, both physically and mentally. Many of the elements of a prenatal yoga class can be utilized by the mother as she moves through labor and delivery, including poses to ease labor pains, breathing techniques, and meditation.

I truly enjoy sharing this journey of pregnancy with others.  The experiences I've gone through this year while creating my "Active Prenatal Yoga" DVD are moments I will always cherish.  One of my first on camera demonstrations was in Sacramento, CA where I was a guest on Good Day Sacramento - KMAX-TV  I had a blast and am looking forward to sharing more with you.

So, my "Active Prenatal Yoga" DVD has officially launched!  If you have not ordered a copy for yourself, maybe a friend or family member is expecting a little babe?  This DVD is a lovely gift for any soon to be mommy.  Feel free to also share my website with them.  They will find more tips and resources, supporting them on their own beautiful journey.  

Again, I can't thank you enough for your support and enthusiasm as this project comes to life!


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