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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

I have an exciting announcement... When we filmed my "Active Prenatal Yoga" DVD, I knew that it needed a sidekick.  I loved practicing yoga throughout my pregnancy, but I really loved moving through stretches and connecting in a very special way with my husband through yoga.  We filmed my "Prenatal Partner Yoga" DVD to compliment the "Active Prenatal Yoga" workout.  This new video is officially available for pre-sale!  Woo hoo, *happy dance*! The official launch is Sunday, May 10th, Mother's Day, but I've got a special little treat for you, 25% off either DVD from now until May 10th, simply enter the code: MOM2015 at checkout.  Order by 3pm, Wednesday May 6th and you'll be guaranteed delivery by Mother's Day with free shipping

What an amazing Mother's Day or Baby Shower gift for a momma you may know who is expecting a sweet little babe!  My "Prenatal Partner Yoga" DVD gives mom and her partner time to connect and focus on the "3" of them (or 4 or 5, hehe!) Such a special gift to share.  You can learn more about my new DVD here

One of our mommas who got a sneak peek said,
"Even if your partner is not very into yoga, as my husband is not, this DVD will still be a great practice for you both. He practiced most of the poses with me which were really helpful, especially in stretching my sore back. The practice of these poses with your partner will also help prepare for how he can help you during labor; many of the interactive poses that felt good on my back were also things that felt good during labor with my first child."  Shannon F.

For those of you who may not use DVD players anymore and watch TV using Hulu, Netflix or Apple TV.  We have both videos available here.  You now have the ability to stream both of the DVD's instantly to your computer, phone or tablet.  SO exciting!  *another happy dance*

Note:  the 25% discount only applies to the hard copy DVD's.

I am thrilled to share more yoga with you and have no doubt the "new parents to be" will have a blast practicing this DVD together!

With love and gratitude and a whole lot of happy dances


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