A meditation for pregnancy

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

"Life is always a rich and steady time when you are waiting for something to happen or to hatch." E.B. White, Charlotte's Web.  (*sigh* love this)

The amount of patience that is required of an expecting mom as she approaches 36, 38, 40, 41 weeks is tremendous.  Those final days and weeks hold suspense, excitement, apprehension, uncertaintity, hope and love.  It is one of the most beautiful "in between times" a person can experience. 

You're held, hovering in a magical space before meeting the little soul who knows you only as its universe

Transformation and beginning... 

On the brink of monumental change.  

My daughter, my second baby, was born at 41 weeks and 4 days.  I do not tell people she was "late," because she wasn't.  My daughter was born right on time.  Now, I was not this calm and confindent at 39 and then 40 and then 41 weeks.  I'd call my midwife crying or would breakdown at a prenatal visit and she'd calmly reassure me, "Everything is still normal and healthy with you and baby, I am confident your body and baby's will begin labor when the time is right."   We had a normal, complication free pregnancy, my heart rate and baby's heart rate were healthy and strong, I had no fever or infection, so we decided to wait.  We discussed my fears, we did a non stress test and we all agreed that, since there was no reason to induce labor, waiting would be the safest choice for baby and myself.  If you would like to read more information on induction, "due dates" and why it should be a thoughtful choice, not one to take lightly, please read this article from Evidence Based Birth.  Our midwife never doubted me and baby for a second.  She believes in birth and that is one of the greatest gifts she gave me.  This is why I continue to share this message with my mommies. 

Believe in your body's capabilities.  Believe in your baby's wisdom to know when to signal labor to begin. 

You will not be pregnant forever :)  It might feel like it once you hit 41 weeks plus....  but hang in there, mommy!  You and baby will know when the time is right. 

One of the notes from my prenatal yoga training that has always stuck in the forefront of my mind is, "Is mom OK? Is baby OK? Can we have more time?"  If the first two questions are a "Yes" then the third question should also be answered with a "Yes." 

This is not an easy decision to come to, especially when you are uncomfortable, hormonal (umm, yep)  and just ready to meet your little baby!  I hope that you remember, you have a voice, you have a choice and you should not feel pressured into an induction or any medical procedure based on fear or convenience for your provider.  Having a respectful and open discussion with your provider goes both ways.  Love and respect, baby, it makes the world go round!

A few of my mommy friends are patiently awaiting their sweet baby's arrival, so I'm sharing a few meditation suggestions that can give them a little more patience.  As you approach baby's birth day, make some time to sit with baby.  Talk silently or audibly to baby.  However it feels right to you, I encourage you to take the time to find a little quiet, stillness and connection. 

Sitting in stillness, even if your mind is not "silent" (guess what, it doesn't have to be) will help prepare you mentally for labor.  Awakening your parasympathetic nervous system with conscious breathing will help you to find calm, peace and surrender as labor progresses.  The more we can find comfort and familiarity with our breath, the greater our confidence will be as we bring baby into the world.

You may try the following meditations sitting supported in a chair or cross legged on the floor sitting on a pillow.  Let your hands rest on your legs or place hands on baby. 

Meditation 1:

- Breathe in and out slowly to a count of 3 or 4 for each breath. 

- Choose your "I am"

I am Peaceful

I am Strong

I am Open

I am Balanced

I am Powerful

- Repeat your "I am" slowly to yourself for each steady inhale and for each balanced exhale. 

Meditation 2:  

- Connect your left hand to your heart and right hand to baby.  Close your eyes.

- Repeat silently or audibly, "I trust our journey."

- If another phrase resonates with you, repeat your own mantra connected with a slow and steady breath. Another favorite of mine is "My body knows exactly what to do."

- Repeat as many times as you'd like.

Meditation 3: (this one's all you, momma)

- Place both hands on baby, close your eyes, and simply "talk" silently to baby.

- Tell baby you trust in your journey together, you trust in your own unique timing.  Share the confidence you have in your body with baby.  Even if you don't wholeheartedly believe it, the more you say these words to yourself, the more you'll believe them.  

- Talk to baby about the dreams you have of sharing life together.  Simply tell baby how much he or she is loved. 

- Allow this "conversation" to unfold in its own way. By talking to baby, we're telling ourselves the things we need to hear most. 

There is no right or wrong with these meditations.  If you take the time to sit quietly, with intention, you are committing to connecting in a deeper way with the little soul who shares your heart.  I hope you can carve out some time in your day for a meditation with baby.  You'll be pleased that you did. 

I say this all the time to my mommies, "You were made for this."  Believe it, my friend...

Love, Amy

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